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Associate Large Animal Veterinarian at Central Florida Large Animal Veterinary Services

St. Cloud, Florida Full Time

Role and Responsibilities Practice preventative medicine for species including but not limited to cattle, horses, sheep and goats. Routine care

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  • Associate Large Animal Veterinarian

    Central Florida Large Animal Veterinary Services
    • Full Time
    • Posted 2 months ago

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Have You Been Applying Fertilizer Wrong?

Sonja Begemann, Farm Journal Seeds and Crop Production Editor, met up with Matt Foes to talk about the use of fertilizers.  Matt Foes has a bachelor’s degree in organic chemistry and a master’s degree in agronomy.  What practices can be implemented to be better next season?  Read Sonja’s article in the AGWEB powered by Farm

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Soil Health Critical For Managing Heavy Rain Events

Anna-Lisa Laca, Farm Journal’s Milk Online and Business Editor, writes about how the soil’s health is important during a sporadic rainy season as in a drought season.  Read Anna’s article in the AG WEB powered by Farm Journal about soil health.   https://www.agweb.com/article/soil-health-critical-for-managing-heavy-rain-events/

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Putting Bees on the Front Lines to Help Stop Fungal Pathogens

In the AGDaily.com Dr. Kevin Folta writes an article titled, “Bees Spreading Fungicides: Nature’s Crop Dusters.”    Read about bees pulling double duty while pollinating specialty crops across North America, and how bees can help stop the spread of fungal pathogens. https://www.agdaily.com/crops/bee-vectoring-technology-pollinators-fungicides/

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