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AEST certifications were developed as a result of a need within the agricultural industry. Florida Farm Bureau saw that agriculturists needed a trusted, reliable credential that could be used when hiring employees. As a result, industry-driven assessments of agricultural career fields have been developed in the form of industry certifications. Each certification reflects a differing agricultural sector and the skills and competencies necessary for success in that field.

Industry Certifications by AEST prepare candidates for successful careers in global agriculture, food, fiber and natural resources systems.

Specialist Certifications

Agricultural Biotechnology Specialist

Agricultural Biotechnology encompasses the study of biotechnology applications, laboratory safety and skills, scientific investigation and application, genetic principles, tissue and cell culture techniques, quality control procedures and regulatory guidelines as applied to agricultural biotechnology.

Agricultural Communications Specialist

Agricultural Communications encompasses the study of developing and editing materials for printed media and media broadcast, utilizing photography and graphics, writing technical papers and media scripts, and advertising and marketing.

Agricultural Mechanics Specialist

Endorsed by Everglades Equipment Group, Inc.

Agricultural Mechanics encompasses the study of mechanical operations, welding, small engine maintenance and repair, planning, management, finance, technical and production skills, and underlying principles of technology.

Agritechnology Specialist

Endorsed by Mosaic

Agritechnology encompasses the study of environmental resource conservation and management, plant growth and reproduction, animal systems and livestock management, along with mechanics and business, with an emphasis on applications to agriculture, food and natural resource systems.

Animal Science Specialist

Animal Science encompasses the study of animal systems and livestock management, use and care of animal health-care instruments, animal grooming equipment, animal restraining equipment and laboratory equipment.

Forestry Specialist

Forestry encompasses the study of forest management practices including basic surveying, map reading, timber marketing procedures and techniques, prescribed burns, multi-use principles, management of forest pests and wildlife, and natural resource management of ecosystems, water, soil and air.

Natural Resources Specialist

Natural Resources encompasses the study of the management, improvement, and conservation practices of ecosystems, agroecosystems, soil, water, air, wildlife, wetlands and forests.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems in Agriculture Specialist

Developed in collaboration with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, the world’s leader in aviation and aerospace education, this certification encompasses the study of UAS technologies used to monitor plant growth, evaluate soil conditions, monitor animal operations, develop integrated pest management plans, make fertilizer recommendations, provide yield estimates of agricultural and forage crops, and make forest management decisions using UAS images and data.

Associate Certifications

Agriculture Associate

Agriculture encompasses the study of fundamental principles of agriscience safety, scientific and technical procedures, environmental science, food safety, plant and animal sciences applied to agriculture, and food and natural resource systems.

Agriculture Systems Associate

Agriculture Systems encompasses the study of basic skills and principles of agricultural systems used in the dairy, beef, swine, poultry, vegetable, nursery and landscape, and food science industries.