AEST Teacher accounts provide access to schedule exams, edit student candidate account information, purchase exam credits for a school’s AEST account and review candidate exam reports.


AEST teacher accounts allow you to schedule exams in the testing platform. Once you have confirmed an exam proctor, date and testing location, log in to AEST and schedule the exam.  You will be required to enter an approximate start time and number of candidate seats for the session.  You do not have to provide names or register individuals at the time the exam is scheduled, however it is encouraged to have candidates create profile accounts prior to testing. You will not be charged for scheduled exams that result in no-shows.


AEST is an exam credit-based system.  Exam credits are $1 each, providing you the flexibility to test initial exams, retakes and all levels of certification exams. You can purchase exam credits for your school’s account any time prior to your scheduled exam.  Credits are only used once a registration code is entered and an exam is initiated.  This method prevents issues regarding refunds and no-shows.  Credits do not expire and can be purchased at any time. Printable exam quotes are provided by logging into your account and using the “price estimator” feature.

Exam credits may be purchased using three payment options: invoice, purchase order or credit card.  Invoices will be generated for “invoice” and “purchase order” options. Invoices are sent electronically to the email address specified during the purchasing process and allow payments by check or credit card. Receipts for exam credit purchases are provided electronically.