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Getting Started with AEST

Who can take AEST Industry certification exams?

AEST certifications are available to anyone wanting to verify their skills and knowledge with a trusted credential that is recognized across the agriculture industry.

What can I expect an AEST certification exam to be like?

All AEST certification exams are administered in a single, two-hour online session, are 50 questions in length for Associate exams, 100 questions in length for Specialist exams, and include multiple choice format for all questions.

What technical requirements are needed to take the exam?

Certification exams are delivered through the AEST Testing Platform located on the secure website,, using HTML and JavaScript. It is designed to work on a wide variety of computers and browsers. For best results, upgrade the browser software to the newest version and clear browser cookies and/or website data on the computer before beginning an AEST certification exam. AEST’s Technical Requirements and Cookie Policy provide more details, including instructions for Clearing out Browser Cookies.

What score do I need to earn an AEST certification?

Each certification exam goes through a separate calibration processes, so passing scores vary by exam. To find exam specific passing scores, go to and click the Certifications tab.

How much does it cost to sit for the exam?

AEST is a credit-based system providing the flexibility to apply credits to Specialist or Associate level certification exams, including retake exams. Once exam credits are purchased they remain in the school or site account until they are used – they never expire and AEST does not issue refunds.

Are testing accommodations available if I need them?

Yes! It is the intent of Agriculture Education Services and Technology, Inc. to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act and to accommodate candidates with language limitations. AEST provides common accommodations for industry certification exams as necessary. Accommodations may alter the testing environment or the administration of the exam, but will not alter the content of the exam. Common accommodations include extended testing time, use of language translation dictionaries, verbal exam and paper exams. Complete the online Accommodations Request Form to get started.

When do I get my results?

The exam is electronically graded and results are immediate.

Where do I get my Certificate with my certification number?

Unique certification numbers are issued to those earning AEST certifications and certificates of proof are delivered electronically to the email address listed on the candidate account and can be printed from the website

How long is my certification valid?

AEST certifications are valid for 60 months from the issue date.

Where can I take AEST certification exams?

AEST certification exams are available online and must be administered by an approved AEST proctor. AEST exams are commonly administered at school sites and can be administered remotely. Contact us for more information.

Where can my employer verify my certification?

Valid certifications can be verified using the candidate’s email address at Certificates can also be downloaded and printed from the site for the length of their validity.