Exam Overview

Forestry encompasses the study of forest management practices including basic surveying, map reading, timber marketing procedures and techniques, prescribed burns, multi-use principles, management of forest pests and wildlife, and natural resource management of ecosystems, water, soil, and air.

Industry Readiness Indicators

Industry partners have identified the industry readiness indicators that are measured on the Forestry certification exam.  Based on the industry needs and assessment of each indicator, the number of exam items per area have been determined and are noted on the exam guide.  Additionally, where applicable, the industry readiness indicators have been correlated with current educational frameworks.

Exam Specifics

Exams are delivered online and must be administered by an approved AEST proctor. Candidates have a two-hour window during a single session to complete the exam. Exams are 100 questions in length and include multiple choice options for all items. Candidates are required to achieve a passing score on the exam to earn certification.  Reduced price retake exams are available to candidates who do not meet the minimum passing score on the initial attempt.


Minimum Passing Score


Initial Exam Fee


Retake Exam Fee

Exam Guide

The exam guide is designed to assist candidates to prepare to sit for the Forestry certification exam. It includes information about the exam, exam objectives, recommended references and sample items – all with the intent of helping candidates achieve a passing score. AEST recommends a combination of classroom instruction and self-study to maximize a candidate’s chance of earning industry certification.

Exam References

Primary references and secondary references posted on AEST’s website are available for candidates to use to prepare to sit for the Forestry industry certification exam, though other resources may be used to effectively prepare as well.

  • Forests and Forestry, 5th Edition
  • Introduction to Forestry Science 3rd edition
  • Agriscience: Fundamentals and Applications
    L. DeVere Burton ISBN-13: 9781133686880 6th Edition
  • Agricultural Mechanics: Fundamentals & Applications
    AUTHOR: Ray V. HerrenISBN-13: 9781285058955
  • Leadership: Personal Development and Career Success
    Cliff Ricketts | John C. Ricketts ISBN-13: 9781435492882