Exam Overview

The Forestry Specialist Certification Exam encompasses the study of the management, protection, enhancement and improvement of soil, water, wildlife, forests and air as natural resources. Individuals earning this certification will have demonstrated competence in the application of principles and techniques for the development, application and management of forests in agricultural settings.


The certification standards for the Forestry Specialist Certification Exam include the standards and benchmarks identified by relative industry partners.  Each standard is weighted based on industry needs and feedback and are noted below.  The number of questions per standard is determined by the industry weight.

Study Guide

A study guide for the exam has been created to help you understand what types of questions will be asked.  Additionally, references and chapters that were used for each standard are identified on the references chart.

Exam Specifics

The certification is awarded to those persons passing the two-hour long certification exam. Exams will be taken online and administered by approved, non-agriculture educator proctors.  Exams are 100 questions in length and include multiple choice options for all questions.  Individuals are required to score a 75% or above to receive a passing score and the certification.  Retakes are available to individuals who do not meet the minimum score.

Questions for the certification exam were developed by industry professionals and teacher educators using the identified references and resources.  All questions were field-tested by agriculture teachers during  area conferences in which teachers were able to provide input and feedback on each question.


The following references were used to develop the questions for the certification exam.  We are proud to partner with Cengage/National Geographic Learning to provide the official references for the exams, along with FFA’s Career Development Events.  Standards that are not covered by an official textbook reference will use additional references (also identified below) and will be made readily-available online.

Official References

Forests and Forestry, 5th Edition


Leadership: Personal Development and Career Success Cliff Ricketts | John C. Ricketts ISBN-13: 9781435492882

Introduction to Forestry Science 3rd edition


Agriscience: Fundamentals and Applications L. DeVere Burton ISBN-13: 9781133686880 6th Edition

Agricultural Mechanics: Fundamentals & Applications AUTHOR: Ray V. Herren ISBN-13: 9781285058955

Agricultural Mechanics: Fundamentals & Applications
AUTHOR: Ray V. Herren
ISBN-13: 9781285058955