Exam Overview

Natural Resources certifies that individuals have a knowledge and skill set applicable to the environmental and wildlife resources sector of the agriculture industry including concepts surrounding renewable and nonrenewable resources; ecosystems; soil science including physical properties, analysis, classification and erosion; water management including irrigation knowledge and conservation issues; pollution of our resources; plant nutritional needs; best management practices for soil and water usage; wildlife management; environmental and resource sustainability; and identification of common weeds, insects, plant diseases and wildlife species.

Industry Readiness Indicators

In addition to fundamental skills and knowledge related to natural resources, certifications encompass skills and practices that everyone should acquire to be career ready including communication, decision-making, creativity and innovation, critical thinking, problem solving, integrity, ethical leadership, and cultural/global competency.

Indicators are identified by industry and correlated with current educational frameworks.

Exam Specifics

The certification is awarded to those persons passing the two-hour long certification exam. Exams will be taken online and administered by approved, non-agriculture educator proctors.  Exams are 100 questions in length and include multiple choice options for all questions.  Individuals are required to score a 75% or above to receive a passing score and the certification.  Retakes are available to individuals who do not meet the minimum score.

$85 Exam Fee

$50 Re-Take Exam Fee

75% Minimum Score

Questions for the certification exam were developed by industry professionals and teacher educators using the identified references and resources.  All questions were field-tested by agriculture teachers during  area conferences in which teachers were able to provide input and feedback on each question.

Official References

Agriscience Fundamentals and Applications 5th Edition

Managing Our Natural Resources 6th Edition